Closing the College Graduation Gap: NCAN'S 2015 Benchmarking Report

NCAN is pleased to announce the release of “Closing the College Graduation Gap” our 2015 national college access and success benchmarking report. This report, the second in an annual series, is the result of NCAN working with our members and with the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center (NSCRC) to establish meaningful metrics about the outcomes of students served by college access and success programs. NCAN would like to thank the Kresge and Michael & Susan Dell Foundations for their invaluable support in pursuing and completing this report.

Using data collected from 42 NCAN member programs, the NSCRC calculated an enrollment rate and graduation rates for the high school classes of 2008, 2009, and 2010 and an enrollment rate for the high school class of 2014. Developing and tracking these metrics are critical as the college access and success field increasingly turns toward data for improving program performance and understanding student outcomes.

Because of additional data collection in this round of the benchmarking project, this report also contains enrollment and completion rates for each year that are disaggregated by student-level characteristics like gender, race/ethnicity, Hispanic heritage, and first-generation status. Additionally, the report considers the percentage of students who participated in a range of key services provided by college access and success programs. These additional analyses are just some of those that NCAN plans on releasing from this round of the project.

NCAN continues to be proud of our members’ important work and performance. A student's ZIP code or skin color should not predetermine their educational opportunities, and the results in our second benchmarking report continue to show that, for many students served by our members, these opportunities are being achieved.

Closing the College Graduation Gap: 2015 National College Access and Success Benchmarking Report