NCAN Policy Council

The Policy Council is a group of NCAN members from across the country who meet monthly to advise NCAN’s policy agenda. For 2018, the council will continue the work that began in 2017 to focus on NCAN's voice in the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act discussion as well as other higher education related activities from the Trump Administration and the 115th Congress.

These Policy Council appointments are for the 2018 calendar year. Any NCAN member wishing to get immediately involved in NCAN's policy work can join the Rapid Response Policy Team. Those looking to serve on the Policy Council in the future should email Carrie Warick, director of policy and advocacy.

Traci Lanier, Vice President 
10,000 Degrees 

Traci Kirtley, Chief Program Officer
College Possible (MN)

Rich Nickel, President and CEO
College Success Arizona (AZ)

Michael Cheever, Chief Advancement Officer
College Success Foundation (WA)

Nate Cadena, Senior Director of Programs
Denver Scholarship Foundation (CO)

Troy Miller, Associate Director for Research and Policy
Florida College Access Network (FL)

LaKisha Williams, Policy and Advocacy Manager
Goddard Riverside Community Center - Options Center (NY)

Jim Lauckhardt, Managing Director of Organizational Learning & Impact
iMentor (NY)

Sarah Anthony, Deputy Director, Partnerships & Advocacy
Michigan College Access Network (MI)

Melissa Huntington, Network Manager
Montana College Access Network (MT)

Kalwis Lo, Director, Policy and Advocacy
Scholarship America (MN)

Alison De Lucca, Executive Director
Southern California College Access Network (CA)

Kate Watts, Assistant Director of Advocacy and Special Projects
Tennessee College Access and Success Network (TN)

Andrew Bramson, President and CEO
The College Crusade of Rhode Island (RI)

Karissa Anderson, Manager of Advocacy
The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis (MO)

Laura Keane, Chief Policy Officer
uAspire, Inc. (MA)