NCAN Policy Council

The Policy Council is a group of NCAN members from across the country who meet monthly to advise NCAN’s policy agenda. For 2017, their focus will be recommendations for the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act and working with President-elect Donald Trump and the 115th Congress.

These organizations were selected for their proven track records serving NCAN’s target population of low-income students, students of color, and students who are first in their family to go to college. Additionally, they have all delved into the policy arena and are excited to expand their work in this area.

These Policy Council appointments are for the 2017 calendar year. Any NCAN member wishing to get immediately involved in NCAN's policy work can join the Rapid Response Policy Team. Those looking to serve on the Policy Council in the future should email Carrie Warick, director of policy and advocacy.

Bonnie Sutton, President & Chief Executive Officer
Access College Foundation (VA)

Robert Gira, Executive Vice President

Missy Sherburne, Chief External Relations Office  
College Advising Corps (NC)

Austin Buchan, Executive Director
College Forward (TX)

Traci Kirtley, Director of Programming & Evaluation
College Possible (MN)

Rich Nickel, President & Chief Executive Officer    
College Success Arizona  (AZ)

Yolanda Watson Spiva, Chief Executive Officer      
College Success Foundation (WA)

Nate Easley, Executive Director   
Denver Scholarship Foundation    (CO)

Troy Miller, Associate Director for Research & Policy          
Florida College Access Network   (FL)

Pete November, Chief Strategy Officer     
iMentor (NY)

Shirley Acevedo Buontempo, Founder and Executive Director
Latino U College Access  (NY)

Brandy Johnson, Executive Director
Michigan College Access Network (MI)

Chad Rountree, Managing Director, Training + Support      
One Goal (IL)

Daniel Challener, President           
Public Education Foundation of Chattanooga (TN)

Kalwis Lo, Director, Policy and Advocacy  
Scholarship America (MN)

Faith Sandler, Executive Director                
Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis (MO)

Bob Obrohta, Executive Director 
Tennessee College Access and Success Network (TN)

Laura Keane, Chief Policy Officer               
uAspire  (MA)