Webinar: "Using College Measures Data for Career Success"

July 19, 2017
2:00 PM to 3:15 PM

College and career success are intertwined, but to most effectively combine them students and families need good data on labor markets and outcomes. On Wednesday, July 19, join NCAN for a webinar with Dr. Mark Schneider, vice president and institute fellow at the American Institutes for Research and president of College Measures and Dr. Matthew Soldner, principal research at the American Institutes for Research. College Measures “works with state governments to help identify higher education credentials with high return on investment [and] focuses on the hot jobs that present the best opportunities for students to launch exciting careers and on the hot skills that students need to get those jobs.” Dr. Schneider was a presenter at NCAN’s Connecting College and Career Success Spring Training series, and his work was recently featured in Connecting College and Career Success: Lessons on Advising, Data, and Partnerships, a white paper documenting that series. He will dive into the concepts of return on investment, hot jobs, and hot skills. Dr. Soldner will demo the College Measures website. Members should bring their questions about career and labor outcomes data. This webinar is generously supported by Strada Education Network.

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