From the White House: NCAN Students at "Beat the Odds" Summit

July 31, 2015
On July 23, 2015, two students from The College Initiative in Memphis, TN, represented NCAN at the White House "Beat the Odds" Summit. Below are their reactions to their trip. You can also read more about their day or learn about other students also nominated to attend.

Bettie Elston
My recent trip to Washington, DC, was very life changing for me. Washington alone is breath-taking, and the experience of standing in the White House was amazing. I enjoyed listening to the panel because they were normal people like me and they used education to take them to higher bounds. I was so inspired by the trip that I changed my major to political science in hopes of pursuing a marketing career. I am also applying for an internship at the White House in hopes of getting that "up close and personal" experience in the world of politics.

Dellarontay Readus
No one would ever turn down an opportunity to go to the White House and meet the President and the First Lady. On the other hand, everyone's reason for their quick acceptance would vary. Personally, meeting the Obamas felt like vindication for all the hard work I've put in to get to where I am today. Getting numerous awards and recognitions was never enough for me. Getting into Stanford almost gave me a heart attack, but I still wanted to reach for more. However, when President Obama walked into the room with me and a hundred or so other students, I had a humbling moment. Vindication at last. The thought that I did something worthy enough for the Commander in Chief to bring me to his home filled me with pride.

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