White House and Starbucks Joins Speakers at NCAN Conference

August 29, 2014
College achievement has recently been championed by leadership from the White House and Starbucks. On September 17, the NCAN conference closing session will feature Eric Waldo, Executive Director of First Lady Michelle Obama's Reach Higher initiative and Lacey All, Director of Strategic Talent initiatives at Starbucks. They will address 800 attendees at the 2014 conference, New Heights for College Access and Success in Phoenix

Earlier this year, First Lady Michelle Obama launched her Reach Higher initiative to inspire every students in America to take charge of their future by completing their education past high school. Mr. Waldo will share details about the efforts and the commitments that have been made from a variety of sectors to support increased postsecondary attainment across the country. 

Starbucks made national headlines in June when it announced an unprecedented program, the Starbucks College Achievement Plan,to help its baristas complete a college education. Ms. All, Director of Strategic Talent Initiatives for the company, will share this visionary model for college completion as a compelling example of the type of corporate commitment that the U.S. needs to significantly increase postsecondary attainment.

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