Research on Early Awareness Strategies

March 15, 2016

By Carrie Warick, Director of Partnerships and Policy 

Today, NCAN releases our first major effort in early awareness policy:What Does the Research Say about Early Awareness Strategies for College Access and Success? This paper began as a literature review of successful programs serving middle grade students. However, as NCAN Graduate Research Assistant Liz Glaser dove into the research, it became quickly apparent that we also needed a call for more evaluation of middle grade programs. The topics covered include informational outreach programs, GEAR UP, College Savings Accounts, statewide early commitment scholarship programs, and local promise programs.

Ultimately, this paper is a combination of independent research and program reported data. The goal is to provide a resource to members like you to see what types of services are being offered around the country and which ones have promising results. This paper is the launch of our Early Awareness Policy work. It also includes a full Compendium of Resources.

Coming over the next year and half will be more information on Early Awareness programs, a toolkit for those looking to start early awareness programs in the middle grades, and policy white papers for those interested in advocating on these issues. Watch for updates here on the blog, resources updates to the Advisor Toolkit on Early Awareness, and policy resources on our new Early Awareness Policy page.

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