Plan Your Decision Day Event with the White House

March 24, 2015
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By Elizabeth Morgan, Director of External Relations

College Decision Day, also known as Signing Day, is May 1, the date by which most prospective college students must commit to their chosen institution of higher education. It’s a great opportunity to promote college-going culture among high school students and to focus community attention on the success of low-income students. Last year, First Lady Michelle Obama celebrated College Signing Day with a crowd of 10,000 students, educators, and families in San Antonio, TX, along with NCAN member San Antonio Educational Partnership.
This year the White House has produced a “Signing Day Toolkit,” which includes sample social media, talking points, planning steps, and event examples. You can also make a request to the White House that an Obama Administration Principal attend your event by completing this form. What does “principal” mean? For the luckiest community, it could mean having Mrs. Obama as a guest. It could also mean presidential appointees, such as a cabinet secretary or undersecretary, or other so-called “surrogates” like Dr. Jill Biden, a community college professor and wife of Vice President Joe Biden.

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