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February 8, 2017

By Sara Melnick, Deputy Director

Over the past three months, NCAN has been collecting and disseminating a variety of tools to help our members expand their offerings in the area of college and career readiness. Here’s an update on what we’ve been doing so everyone can make sure to take advantage of these new resources. 

We’re learning quite a bit, not only about what our members are already doing in this area but what they want to learn. One of the areas of interest is partnering with the business community. NCAN members know that partnering more closely with the business community will have many benefits, including: 

  • helping them understand labor market trends so they can provide more effective career advising;
  • offering students work-based learning opportunities such as internships; and
  • engaging volunteers to help students develop interviewing and other workplace skills, write effective resumes, and act as mentors. 

NCAN has started to curate information and resources on this topic, all of which can be found on our Connecting College and Career Success web page. Among the relevant items are links to two webinars NCAN has already hosted as part of our new Connecting College and Career Webinar Series, which will highlight members that are experts in connecting college and career success. The first two webinars were presented by Partnership for the Future and Genesys Works Houston, both of which specialize in offering workplace learning opportunities to their students. The webinars focused on developing partnerships with the business community, cultivating students’ workplace skills, and outcomes. Links to the webinar recordings and materials are here. NCAN member On Point for College also presented a webinar on Feb. 8; the recording and materials will be available shortly. 

The 2017 Spring Training: Connecting College and Career Success, is another way we are building capacity in this area. Spring Training events are day-long mini conferences that aim to help NCAN members: 

  • develop a better understanding of the data available on projected future workforce needs;
  • learn ways to partner with local business to provide career readiness-related opportunities for their students; and
  • incorporate career advising into their program offerings. 

Spring Training events are scheduled for: 

  • Phoenix, AZ on March 22
  • Houston, TX on March 29
  • Indianapolis, IN on April 4
  • Providence, RI on April 12 

We’ve also written a number of career success-related blogs, focusing on topics such as career inventories and preparing for the workplace of tomorrow. In the coming months NCAN will add to the blog archive, host video chats and continue to add resources, tools and links to our website. We’d also love to hear from you: What would you like to learn in the area of Connecting College and Career Success? Have you successfully incorporated career success programing into your work? Please contact Deputy Director Sara Melnick if you’re able to share!

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