Nonprofits Can Lobby, Too!

September 2, 2016

Carrie Warick, Director of Policy and Advocacy

Often in my work, I hear, "Oh, we're a nonprofit; we can't lobby." As an advocate and sometimes lobbyist, this makes me want to stop everything and launch into the excellent description below about how nonprofits can lobby; they just need to understand the rules. 

The webinar recording below does just that. In preparation for NCAN's first-ever Advocacy Institute this September, attendees were invited to a pre-session webinar to learn about what nonprofits can do in the lobbying arena in preparation for their training to become stronger advocates. While there are restrictions, nonprofits can lobby within those rules and can issue advocacy without limitation. The guidance here is applicable to all nonprofit organizations seeking to increase their advocacy and lobbying work, regardless of participation in the Advocacy Institute.

Presented by Justin Beland of HCM Strategists, this 20-minute webinar presentation, followed by highly valuable Q&A, will give nonprofits a top-line overview of advocacy (issue outreach) vs. lobbying (promoting or opposing a specific piece of legislation) and discuss where limits come into play.

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