FoYoSt Launches Free, Public NSC Visualizer

November 9, 2015

Bill DeBaun, Program Analyst

Last year, Degrees of Change revealed their plans to release a visualizer for National Student Clearinhouse data. At NCAN's National Conference in Orlando, Degrees of Change launched the free, public version of their visualizer.

The National Student Clearinghouse (and their StudentTracker service) is the best source of students' postsecondary enrollment and completion outcomes. Unfortunately, the detailed results programs receive are often difficult to transform into an actionable format.

FoYoSt aims to make this process easier. After signing up, programs can upload the detail report from StudentTracker for Outreach or StudentTracker for High School, and within a few minutes receive a visualized version of their data.

This is the student view of the analyzed data, and here is the program summary view.

The free, public version of FoYoSt will analyze up to 100 students and provides limited filtering in both views. Upon logging out, all uploaded data are deleted. Programs serving more than 100 students can separate these students into multiple submissions and have all of their student data analyzed.

A premium version of the visualizer (expected to be released later this year), will allow for the analysis of unlimited students using advanced filtering in both views. Additionally, programs will be able to modify, add, and save their own enrollment records as well as add additional student demographic data for analysis. The premium version of FoYoSt will also automatically format StudentTracker request files and allow for multiple users in an organization. The premium version of FoYoSt will cost $500 annually.

Given the challenges I have heard from many college access and success programs in making their NSC data actionable, at the very least FoYoSt's free version is worth a try in my opinion.

Have other solutions for processing/analyzing your National Student Clearinghouse? I'd love to hear about them, please leave a comment below!

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