Up Next Text Reminders Now Available to All Students

August 1, 2016

By Elizabeth Morgan, Director of External Relations 

On July 19 at the White House “Beating the Odds” Summit, First Lady Michelle Obama called for high school and college-age students to sign up with Up Next, which sends text-based messages about topics like applying for college, filling out the FAFSA and paying back student loans after graduation.

Under the guidance of “nudging” expert Ben Castleman, Up Next will conduct three campaigns during the fall of 2016:

  • High school seniors (guiding students around college search, FAFSA completion and college applications)
  • Current college students (guiding students around the transition to college, making use of campus resources, and FAFSA renewal)
  • College grads (guiding students to make informed loan repayment decisions)

Students can sign up by texting “COLLEGE” to 44044, after which they will answer a series of short, onboarding questions to gather their information and tailor ongoing content for them. NCAN members, schools and others can promote Up Next to their students to encourage them to sign up (check out this promotional toolkit).

To measure effectiveness, Up Next will test three different types of messages:

  • Extended Interaction: These messages provide a series of automated texts that give additional information on the topic.
  • Media. These messages include designed media (infographics, eye-catching images, etc.) in addition to text-based messages.
  • Advising: These messages prompt students to connect to an advisor to discuss the topics in more detail.

Up Next will also compare the following outcomes for students who do and don’t receive texts:

  • FAFSA completion 
  • College enrollment directly after high school
  • Persistence from freshman to sophomore year of college

Up Next was created by a team of education experts, in collaboration with Huge, a digital and design firm, and Civic Nation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that promotes sensible government policies.

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