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November 16, 2015

November 16 - 22 on Twitter 

Last academic year, nearly 9 million students benefited from receiving a federal Pell Grant. Without this support from the federal government, many low-income students would not be able to pursue their higher education dreams. Because of this profound impact on higher education, National College Access Network,, NCAN members, and our partners are all joining together this November to say we are Thankful for Pell! 
Please join us in our goal to show our appreciation for the Pell Grant program.

Write to Congress 
Write to your elected officials and let them the know the importance of the Pell Grant to your students. NCAN encourages members to personalize these letters as much as possible. Add your state, name of your program, and any specific information you have about how your students use the Pell Grant program are helpful. There is a letter from a professional working for a college access program and for students who receive(d) a Pell Grant. (These letters do not qualify as lobbying.)

Share on Twitter 
To help you participate in this campaign, NCAN has sample tweets and encourages you to change your Twitter picture to the logo picture above. Sample tweets are also included at the bottom of this post.

Help Us Spread the Word! 
Share this opportunity widely with your STUDENTS, local partners and funders. They can find all of the materials listed here at
If you have any questions, please contact Carrie Warick at

NCAN Thanks Partner Pell Abacus for Supporting the Social Media Campaign 
 A free tool offered by ECMC Group, Pell Abacus allows students and families to calculate and compare their likely financial aid packages across more than 5,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. by answering only one financial question: "Do you qualify for free or reduced lunch?" The site is a new online offering designed to meet the unique challenges facing Pell-eligible students when researching and applying for college.
Check Out the Tweet Guide 
Members, students, and their partners are encouraged to Tweet with #Thankful4Pell. Write your own tweets or use those below. Be sure to include any pictures you have of students too. If include @2collegenetwork or @CollegeAbacus, it will help us follow you! Click on the Twitter icon below to send the selected Tweet. 

Click on the Twitter icon below to send the selected Tweet.

Pell Grants have helped tens of millions of low-income Americans get a college education. They matter. #Thankful4Pell

In FY 2015 the Pell Grant program provided more than 8M students w/aid for higher education. #Thankful4Pell

Has receiving a Pell Grant changed your educational career? Tell us why you’re #Thankful4Pell.

Fact: Pell Grants were originally named the Basic Education Opportunity Grant Program. #Thankful4Pell

The amount of the total cost of college that the Pell Grant covers continues to decrease. We want that to change. #Thankful4Pell

Had Alexander #Hamilton lived until 1972, he would have been eligible for a Pell Grant. #Thankful4Pell

Research shows that need-based aid, like Pell Grants, increases enrollment of low-income students #Thankful4Pell

Over 60% of African American & 50% of Hispanic undergrads rely on Pell to attend school. #Thankful4Pell

Share your story. I’m #Thankful4Pell because…

Pell Grants help decrease the number of low-income students dropping out of school. #Thankful4Pell

Do you have a Pell Grant? This week we’ll be sharing why we’re thankful for them. Join the conversation with #Thankful4Pell

Join us in sharing why you are #Thankful4Pell, to help spread the word about this important grant.

We’re #Thankful4Pell for making higher education more accessible. Tell us why Pell Grants matter to you.

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