President Releases Updated Scorecard

September 12, 2015

Carrie Warick, Director of Partnerships and Policy

This morning during his weekly radio address, President Obama announced a new College Scorecard. The college search tool is an updated version of the previous scorecard that includes new information on graduates' earnings after college and flags institutions under Department of Education review. Most exciting for students is that this tool, available at, is specifically designed to work on mobile devices.

This new Scorecard takes the place of the proposed college ratings system, which the Department announced this summer it would not pursue. However, the Department did release all the data used in the Scorecard and more that third parties can download and use in their own tools. NCAN member College Abacus is one of the first partners, adding the data about institutions to the profiles on their net price calculator aggregator.

According to Politico, the data release includes information from the National Student Loan Database System, including transfer-rate information and Pell Grant recipient graduation rates. NCAN has long advocated for the tracking and release of this information. While the Department did not include it on the current version of the Scorecard, releasing it for third party vendors to use is a good start.

During his weekly address, the President said, "many existing college rankings reward schools for spending more money and rejecting more students – at a time when America needs our colleges to focus on affordability and supporting all students who enroll." The goal of this tool is to help students, and the Department is open to feedback to help improve the tool. If you have suggestions, please email me at

The President will join Education Secretary Arne Duncan Monday at North High School in Des Moines, IA, to speak on college choice and affordability. NCAN encourages our members to watch the live stream, which will start at 4:40pm EDT.

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