Get Schooled Foundation & NCAN Seeking Programs for Text Hotline

November 18, 2015

Marie Groark, Executive Director, Get Schooled Foundation

Beginning in January of 2015, Get Schooled has used text messaging to offer financial aid and general support to its students.  All told, texting has proved a popular resource among Get Schooled students and their families. Close to 200,000 texts have been exchanged since the beginning of the year. Through text messaging, many parents and students have asked questions about financial aid deadlines, where to find key forms, the availability of aid for part-time students, and how to apply to college, among other items. In a follow-up survey, more than 97 percent of those who texted questions found the service helpful. 

As a result of the program's expansion, any student in the U.S. can text 335577 to get answers on where to apply to college, how to apply, and how to navigate the financial aid process and pay for college. 

Earlier this year at NCAN's conference, the Get Schooled Foundation announced a partnership with NCAN. Up to 50 NCAN members will be able to use the Text Hotline at no cost to connect with college-bound students in their communities to help them navigate the college application and financial aid process. With this partnership, NCAN members can:

  • Promote the "COLLEGE" textline to their network of students – expanding access to high quality information and advice
  • Use the textline to engage with their current network of students. In this scenario, college access organizations would answer texts from their students using the Get Schooled platform
  • Volunteer to answer general incoming "COLLEGE" textline questions

Organizations partnering with Get Schooled will receive marketing materials to share with their communities, textline training (if applicable), campaign ideas, etc. Currently 35 NCAN members are partnering with Get Schooled, and there is room for 15 more organizations to partner.

Interested in partnering?  See this application link or reach out to Get Schooled at

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