NCAN Receives Kresge Foundation Support for 2017-20

October 10, 2017

By Elizabeth Morgan, Director of External Relations

NCAN is pleased to announce a grant of $850,000 from The Kresge Foundation over the next three years. These funds will help NCAN pursue its two goals of promoting high-quality college access and success services for students underrepresented in postsecondary education, and championing practice-informed federal and state policies that lead to better student outcomes. 

Based in Troy, MI, The Kresge Foundation is committed to expanding opportunity in America’s cities and makes grants in six related program areas. The education program seeks to increase the nation’s postsecondary attainment rate, advance mobility, address economic equality, and strengthen urban communities. 

“This new round of funding will help NCAN and its members work with cities to build strong partnerships focused on postsecondary access,” said Deputy Director Caroline Altman Smith, from Kresge’s Education Program. “NCAN is a critical partner to us as we seek to strengthen urban higher education ecosystems that put students’ needs at the center, and help cities think across sectors about how to increase college enrollment and graduation numbers.”

“Since 2000, the college access and success field has helped increase postsecondary completion rates for our students, but wealthy students remain an astounding four to six times more likely than poor ones to obtain a bachelor’s degree,” NCAN Executive Director Kim Cook said. “We are committed to making more progress during 2017-20 by advancing proven practices that effectively serve large numbers of students and policies that transform outdated, inefficient, and short-sighted rules and programs to yield more postsecondary success for those least likely to achieve it.”  

With this support, NCAN will continue to offer best-in-class professional development, news and information from the field, and benchmarking data on student outcomes. NCAN will also keep inequitable postsecondary completion rates and solutions in the national spotlight, especially among policymakers and the media. Additionally, NCAN looks forward to finding more ways to engage with K-12 schools and higher education institutions, particularly in urban areas where cross-sector collaboration is showing much promise for students. 

Since 2008, The Kresge Foundation has also supported NCAN’s work to support state college access and success networks, increase FAFSA completion, and build the capacity of the field. NCAN is grateful for the foundation’s long-term vision and commitment to addressing the U.S. higher education crisis.   

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