Imagine the Power Behind MoveED for Goal 2025

July 25, 2014
By Teresa Detrich, Lumina Foundation

How many student access and success organizations do you suppose exist in the nation? 10,000? 50,000? 100,000? What would happen if all the people, working in all those organizations were joined in one place…one place that's easy to find, one place to go to for new ideas and solutions, one place that could help even more students succeed?

Just imagine that. Imagine the connections. Imagine the innovation. Imagine the success for students across the nation. 

That was the force behind Lumina Foundation's new digital platform, MoveED for Goal 2025 – uniting all those organizations, all those voices, all that power. 

MoveED brings together, on a single map, organizations that are committed to making attainment America’s cause — especially for low-income students, students of color, first-generation students and adult learners. MoveED’s mission is to increase the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees, credentials and certificates to 60% by 2025, or Goal 2025.

"So many organizations are doing amazing work to increase college access," said Brandy Johnson, Michigan College Access Network’s executive director. "But think of what we could accomplish if we were aware of what others were doing, if we could share resources and ideas and solutions." 

By joining MoveED, organizations can: 
  • Share and earn recognition for ideas and solutions. 
  • Network with others who are helping students succeed.
  • Grow by learning from others and letting others learn from them.
  • Move education attainment rates to 60% by 2025.

"MoveED organizations can use the platform to see who's getting great results and how they're getting those results," said Laurie Meggesin, Florida College Access Network’s executive director. "We network to get ideas for success in our own communities." 

The platform already has more than 600 (and counting!) member organizations on the MoveED map. Some include: First Generation Film, I'm First, MCAN, NCAN, FCAN, Franklin & Marshall College, and America's Promise. Joining is easy and takes just a few minutes. Visit and check out this MoveED video to get started. 

Imagine the power. Now let's make it real. Let's synchronize our efforts to help students succeed. Join MoveED today.

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