New EduGuide Tools Grow Grit to Persist in College

January 27, 2015

Bryan Taylor, EduGuide

This month, NCAN member EduGuide launched a new free activity and scholarship contest that groups can use to help build student grit. Research has shown that grit – the ability to focus on long-term goals and overcome obstacles along the way – is a better predictor of student success than IQ. It may not be the biggest scholarship contest out there, but the big prize is that in doing the activity, students are beginning to develop a core purpose that studies show can help them stay in college.
The new tools are part of EduGuide’s nonprofit initiative to equip groups to implement the research on grit and other core learning skills. A growing number of schools and college access programs nationwide use EduGuide’s evidence-based online activities as an efficient way to persistently mentor students in these skills.
EduGuide’s activities are designed to be easy to plug into programs because they can be completed in as little as 15 minutes on any internet connected computer, tablet or phone, without the need to extensively retrain staff. Many schools use them once a week as part of their English classes because they also are designed to meet ELA requirements. College access and success programs use them as a more effective way to mentor students, staying connected online between meetings or when they’re away at college, while building the skills to persist.
Founded as a nonprofit in 2000, EduGuide is a longtime NCAN member with the mission to equip college pathway groups with research-driven tools to improve student results. NCAN has partnered with EduGuide on national research projects and selected EduGuide’s personal development platform to host its professional learning communities.

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